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Friday, September 24, 2010

Udemy has a Talk with Elearning! Magazine editor Janet Clarey

Check out this interesting talk with Janet Clarey below.
Janet is a top educational consultant and an editor in Elearning! Magazine. She also maintains a blog, Spinning the Social Web. Janet is with Udemy to share her views on education and technology.

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

Oddly enough it was an email from a former colleague, Tom Werner, at Brandon Hall Research. Tom and his wife had started a great wine blog and he said, “we should do this.” This came at a time when Brandon Hall Research was looking for a way to have a greater presence on the Web. So, I wrote my first blog post in February 2007 and was hooked. I find inspiration now from others’ content and comments. My blog is a great platform for personal learning too. At times, I find that it’s more valuable than my university classes. Actually, most of the time.

Don't miss the talk with Janet!

Source: Udemy

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