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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The 10 Best Countries to Be a Teacher

Jasmine Hall has been in touch to reminds us about this published article below.

While teachers may be educating the future leaders of the world and molding young minds, they often don’t get the respect they deserve for doing a hard, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating job. Education may not be a glamorous profession in the strictest sense, but it does garner more respect — and often more benefits — in certain parts of the world than others. Though this list by no means discusses every country where it’s good to be a teacher, it does point out some of the places where they receive the most respect, professional treatment, benefits, pay and opportunities for advancement. If you’re a college student who’s planning an education career, it could make you suddenly start feeling a whole lot more worldly in your professional ambitions.


Teachers working in Denmark can expect good pay and benefits, aside from living amidst charming cities and countryside. The educational culture at Danish schools encourages collaborative work between teachers, and many have informal sit-downs to get feedback throughout the school year. Instructors are also encouraged to do their own research on education and curriculum effectiveness, and share their results with colleagues and other professionals. Classrooms have very low teacher-pupil ratios, so educators can focus more on individuals and are not overwhelmed by management. Overall, Denmark is one of the best places for a teacher, whether starting or coming to the end of a career, to work.

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