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Sunday, April 21, 2013

[WEBINAR] From E-Learning to Active Learning: Transforming the Learning Environment

Join the Webinar where experts from University College London share findings and best practices. A complimentary webinar event hosted by Times Higher Education (@timeshighered) and sponsored by Echo360 (@Echo360).

From E-Learning to Active Learning: Transforming the Learning Environment
Thursday, 25 April 2013 at 4 pm BST. 

Always on the forefront of education and research, University College London boasts one of the world's most sophisticated e-learning strategies and learning environments. With a mission to deliver the “voices and ideas of UCL experts” to a global audience, the team bringing that goal to fruition is uncovering the benefits of e-learning. By utilising blended learning technologies, the UCL E-Learning Environments team realises the potential to deliver an active learning experience to instructors and students alike.

Join this global webinar event to learn from three UCL experts who will share:

  • How to change content delivery into interaction by flipping the classroom
  • How to leverage technologies to increase student engagement and collaboration
  • How lecture recordings and videos support the teaching and learning process before, during and after class
  • How to determine if MOOCs are a critical part of distance learning
  • How to incorporate feedback from academics and students into the active learning strategy  
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Interact with the presenters before, during and after the event through Twitter #activelearning.