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Monday, July 15, 2013

7/16 webinar: Streamlining Health Sciences Education with Video

Medical Simulation with Video: Ashland University’s Streamlined Approach to Online Health Education

July 16, 2013 
11:00am - 12:00pm CT 
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It looks like an ER scene from a movie. Nurses are steadfastly servicing seven hospital rooms, four exam rooms, three debriefing rooms and a home healthcare lab, equipped with 30 beds and medical charting stations. Patients are going through a range of health crises from convulsions to heart attacks, and machines beep and buzz as they monitor vital signs.

Except in this scenario the patients are SimMans – robotic mannequins programmed to give life-like responses to a range of conditions. The nurses are students. And the emergency is a classroom drill that’s being recorded, cataloged, studied and critiqued by both faculty and students.

Ashland University College of Nursing has developed one of the most automated and streamlined educational technology programs out there, providing students with an experiential environment that improves learning outcomes.

In this live webinar, Ashland’s Tom Kemp will walk us through what it takes to get an advanced simulation like this off the ground. He’ll take your questions live and share:
  • The broad overview of healthcare education at Ashland, including how they’re using touch panels, electronic whiteboards, ceiling-mounted microphones, in-class mounted confidence monitors, high-tech projectors and LED flat panels and HD cameras that track the presenters
  • The latest list of integrated technologies represented in the space, which work to connect everything to a master control room and a video learning online repository
  • How to create a flipped classroom environment that is user-friendly to both the faculty and student end users 
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