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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

eBook: Move from monologue to dialogue by educator and coach Matt Abrahams

Take a closer look at these helpful tips from a Stanford professor for creating better engagement and interaction.

You’re not the only one who gets a little nervous interacting during presentations; your audience does, too. Why not make it easier for them to participate?

“No matter if you are presenting in a virtual or in-person environment, your presentations will benefit from audience participation and interaction.”

The quick switch to interactivity and a more equal balance of status and power can be confusing and challenging. However, there are simple actions that you as a presenter can take to help you navigate smoothly into and through your participative activities.

Move from monologue to dialogue  (PDF)

This eBook outlines 3 best practices that will help you transform your presentations from detached monologues to interactive dialogues between you and your audience.

1. Managing your anxiety prior to speaking so that you are calm and confident when engaging your audience.
2. Presenting practices to prepare your audience for interactive participation.
3. Facilitating the participation while it’s happening, such as calling for questions and queuing them up.


Source: Citrix