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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Current Site and App of the Week - eSchool News

Current Site of the Week 

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Dennis Pierce, Editor. writes, "Our Site of the Week is Mathlanding, a free resource to support elementary math instruction."


Mathlanding helps elementary educators with math instruction

Developed by Maryland Public Television in partnership with The Math Forum at Drexel University and the International Society for Technology in Education, Mathlanding is a new website to support elementary math instruction.

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Aimed at elementary math specialists, coaches, mentors, and teachers, the website is a dynamic resource to help support the professional development needs of elementary educators in building mathematical knowledge and instructional practice. It includes videos of exemplary instructional practices, as well as lessons, games, activities, and articles.

A robust search engine gives users the ability to search by keyword, math topic, and grade level anywhere on the site. Users also can browse through resources by Common Core or NCTM content standard.

What’s more, you can save, share, and collaborate with fellow educators within a school, a district, or across the country, using a feature called “My Folders.” Users have the option of making their folders and groups either public or private.

This free website was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation.

About Mathlanding 

It's about teaching; it's about learning; it's about elementary math.

Mathlanding (ML) is designed with the elementary math specialist/coach/mentor and teacher in mind. It's a dynamic resource to help support the professional development needs of elementary educators in building mathematical knowledge and instructional practice. The site is created to provide organized access to high quality resources and tools that support teaching and learning of elementary mathematics. 

App of the week 

K12 Timed Reading & Comprehension Practice

What is it? 
This app lets readers in levels K–4 practice fluency by reading 250+ short, timed stories. This offering includes comprehension questions to check reading understanding following grade 1 through 4 stories, as well as per-student charts to track grade and story mastery.

• More than 250 short, fiction and nonfiction stories for young readers
• 46 unique Flesch-Kincaid reading levels between 0.0 and 4.7
• Track one reader, multiple readers, or even a whole class
• Track stories read and what’s next on the reading list
• Automatic suggestions to increase reading difficulty when students achieve consistently fast wpm scores
• Timer automatically calculates wpm for each reading attempt
• Each grade 1 through 4 story includes questions to check reading understanding
• Question pools of 6 to 9 questions per story gauge comprehension on rereading attempts
• Question prompts for grade 1 stories include audio support for developing readers
• Grade Stats: Per-student chart shows fluency (time) and comprehension (correct answers) mastery across the grade level
• Story Stats: Per-student chart shows fluency wpm and correct answers for the last 6 reading attempts per story
• Easily delete single reading attempts from charts  

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Source: eSchool News