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Sunday, April 13, 2014

70:20:10 and eLearning

"The principles behind 70:20:10 are simple and align perfectly with eLearning technologies." summarizes Trainingzone.

The concept of informal learning is nothing new, however for years and years it has been bypassed by formal classroom based learning or investing significant sums in eLearning portfolio’s that bring little or no ROI.

Wikipedia points out that the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Developmenis a model based on research and observation carried out from the 1960s until present by dr Morgan McCall and his colleagues working at the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL).

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Lombardo and Eichinger expressed the rationale behind the 70:20:10 model this way in The Career Architect Development Planner:

“Development generally begins with a realization of current or future need and the motivation to do something about it. This might come from feedback, a mistake, watching other people’s reactions, failing or not being up to a task – in other words, from experience. The odds are that development will be about 70% from on-the-job experiences, working on tasks and problems; about 20% from feedback and working around good and bad examples of the need, and 10% from courses and reading.”
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Source: Trainingzone