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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Up and Running with the Daily 5 (Video) - A companion to the new Daily 5, Second Edition

Education Week writes, "In their new video Up & Running with the Daily 5, "The 2 Sisters" take you and your staff into real classrooms where teachers demonstrate the 10 Steps to Independence, brain & body breaks, differentiating student choices, strategies for "barometer students," Math Daily 3, and more. Available in DVD or new streaming format. 
View a 6-minute clip on modeling desired behaviors

View a 6-minute clip on modeling desired behaviors

Join Gail and Joan as they work with third- and fifth-grade teachers in two diverse Midwest classrooms where the Daily 5 has been in place for several years. As the popularity of the Daily 5 has grown, more and more students have developed experience with it; teachers now have to decide how best to build upon students' familiarity with the Daily 5 structure while addressing new content and learning objectives. This DVD emphasizes the importance of starting the 10 Steps to Independence at the beginning of each year, highlights the 2 Sisters' newest thinking and learning, differentiates the Daily 5 tasks and structure, models support strategies with at-risk students, demonstrates brain-compatible lessons, and introduces and builds the link to Math Daily 3.

Whether you are new to the Daily 5 or have been using it for many years, this DVD will be an invaluable accompaniment to your practice.

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Source: Stenhouse Publishers and Education Week

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