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Sunday, September 04, 2016

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Photo: Linda Fisher Thornton
Linda Fisher Thornton, Founder and CEO of Leading in Context, and author of the award-winning book 7 Lenses. She teaches as Adjunct Assoc. Prof. for University of Richmond SPCS writes, "Our daily choices define us. They show just how far beyond ourselves we’re thinking, how broadly we imagine our constituents, and how we see ourselves in the world."

As we navigate the turbulence of today’s workplace, there is power in asking ourselves, 
“What is it that I repeatedly do?” It gets us thinking about other important questions like:

  • Would someone shadowing me on a busy day at work be able to tell that I am trying to be an ethical leader?
  • Do I demonstrate an awareness of the ripple effect that my choices generate?
  • Do my choices—both big and small—show a sense of moral commitment to thinking beyond myself?
There is power in asking ourselves “What is it that I repeatedly do? “

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Thornton offered a few thoughts on her experience teaching at SPCS, being involved in AFAC, and being engaged in researching and presenting the recent Innovations in Teaching report.

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