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Saturday, June 02, 2018

ISTE 2018 Preview: Even If Your Students Hate Math, They’ll Love Matific | Nibletz

"If there’s one thing to be said about Math is that it’s the one subject where students either hate it or they love it" notes Andrea Baker, Author at Nibletz.

It’s the one subject that students quickly develop a relationship with, either they love it or they hate it. There’s rarely any middle ground.

Our ten year old edtech reporter is one of those students that just hated math. After a short time on the Matific platform she couldn’t stop. She loves the games and how easy they are to start.

That’s the appeal to kids in grades K-6 that use Matific in their math studies. For the record, that’s about 3,000,000 students across the globe. To support those kids in other countries the Matific content is offered in28 different languages and 30+ different dialects so that Spanish speaking kids in Madrid can learn with Matific as easily as Spanish speaking kids in Mexico.

Matific covers everything mathematics for grades K-6, from introducing numbers and counting to fractions and basic algebra...

When it comes to math check out  online at matific.

Source: Nibletz