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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

No more Bimaru, Rajasthan shows the way in going digital | Government - YourStory

Classified as a Bimaru state in the 1980s for its poor standing on social and economic indicators, Rajasthan today is changing that perception with a strong focus on citizen-driven schemes and e-governance, says Vishal Krishna, Business Editor.
Photo: YourStory

The government has taken several initiatives in this regard, starting from the basics such as providing direct benefit transfer to citizens’ bank accounts and ensuring proper distribution of rations to those that would propel the state in terms of economic standing such as internet connectivity to every village and gram panchayat to having a robust and vibrant startup policy.

In Part I of an interview with YourStory, Rajasthan's Principal Secretary for Information Technology & Communication Akhil Arora details the various initiatives taken by the state government in its quest towards digitisation and e-governance:

Source: YourStory