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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Creating Content in Flash Format

Brandon Hall Research's 763-page new report "Creating Content in Flash Format: 41 Authoring Tools to Produce Engaging Online Learning Experiences" highlights tools to create engaging, interactive content in a bandwidth-friendly format.
By Janet Clarey, Adam Cunningham-Reid, and the staff of Brandon Hall Research.

Organizations tell us that they’d like to build more engaging, interactive e-learning content as part of their blended strategy. Research suggests that many organizations have moved out of the start-up (using minimal off-the-shelf content) phase of e-learning and are now mature practitioners.
Statistics suggest that more e-learning content will be developed in-house in the future. All this e-learning content will be authored in many forms – from static pages to rich, realistic simulations, games, scenarios, and assessments.

Source: Brandon Hall Research