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Thursday, February 22, 2007

E-portfolio-Based Teaching continuous

Here are some other examples of E-portfolio-Based Teaching, I thought you may find interesting.
These two features appears, in February/March 2007,Volume 3, Issue 3 edition of Innovate, focus on a significant trend in the use of technology for enhanced professional communication: e-portfolios. Cara Lane emphasizes the importance of e-portfolios as a way for students to develop effective online presentation skills for their future careers. In offering the results of a survey administered to participants in an e-portfolio contest, Lane highlights the key proficiencies that students should develop to ensure the long-term value of their e-portfolios as records of their professional and academic growth. Vicki Lind gives a more focused look at e-portfolios in the context of a music education program, illustrating the ways in which this medium allowed student teachers to document their distinctive skills, their instructional strategies, and the ways in which they align their teaching with state standards.

The Power of "E": Using e-Portfolios to Build Online Presentation Skills

e-Portfolios in Music Teacher Education

Source: Innovate journal of online education