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Friday, April 13, 2007

Editor's Hand Picked Headline News

Video helps overhaul district's curriculum by Laura Devaney

In an effort to revamp its curriculum, Baltimore County Public Schools -the nation's 25th-largest school system - has installed video servers and a video-on-demand system in all of its 169 schools. Although the use of video on demand is nothing new for schools, what distinguishes Baltimore County's effort is that the district has formed teams of teachers in each school to brainstorm ways of using the videos to their fullest potential across each subject area.
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Baltimore County superintendent Joe A. Hairston is supporting video integration to enhance lessons.
Extracurricular: For technologists who do their homework

Students’ browsing experiences are impacted by a school’s available internet bandwidth. According to most surveyed technology directors, available bandwidth at home is also critical to student learning. Available bandwidth in students’ homes is widely thought to be important to all learning, whether online or otherwise.The biggest slice of respondents say that more than a fourth of parents in their districts are accessing online learning resources at least once a day.
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Source: Online Learning Update

10 Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online

If your end users knew what damage they could cause when they...well, just send them this article.
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Source: Educational Technology