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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Innovations in Learning Conference

On September 24-26, 2007, Brandon Hall Research will be hosting the “Innovations in Learning Conference” at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California. This new event is designed to showcase the emerging technologies that are being adopted today to create the next generation of learning.

How This Conference Will Be Different
The theme of the conference is “Doing, Playing, Sharing and Understanding.” This event will maximize the participants’ hands on experience with innovative tools and technologies and provide them with a glimpse into the future of learning. Participants will leave the conference with actual skills they can apply to advance innovative learning within their organizations.

How This Conference Will Be Different

  • Hands-on. It will be all about doing things, not just listening. You’ll have opportunities to see examples, try tools, and talk to experienced people.

  • No aisles of booths. Gone is the expo hall. Vendors will be in more casual settings. You’ll be able to have more meaningful conversations and see their solutions in action. (Vendors want this too!)

  • Interaction. The conference will be set up to foster conversations. You won’t just be sitting and listening. More conversations, more questions and answers.

  • Real world. The focus will be on doing real things in the real world. You won’t hear platitudes and punditry but solid advice and examples.

  • Award winners. Awards finalists will be showing what they’ve done. You’ll be able to talk to them one-on-one. See what the judges rated as the best.

Confirmed speakers and facilitators include:

Alex Heiphetz – President, DeltaL
Brandon Hall – Chairman, Brandon Hall Research
Bryan Chapman – CEO, Chapman Alliance
Cathy Lawson – Director, Learning Solutions Design and Development, Wal-Mart
Gary Woodill – Director of Research and Analysis, Brandon Hall Research
Janet Clarey – Senior Researcher, Brandon Hall Research
Jay Cross – CEO, Internet Time Group
Karen Anderson – Associate Professor, York University
Lydia Sani – Partner, Redwood E-Learning
Richard Nantel – CEO, Brandon Hall Research
Sheryl Herle – Consultant, Beyond Bums in Seats
Stephen Downes – Senior Researcher, National Research Council of Canada
Tom Werner – Director of Research and Development, Brandon Hall Research
Tim Sosbe – Editorial and Events Director, Brandon Hall Research
Kelly Parke – Faculty Support, Computer Networking Services, York University
Phil Pendry – Independent Director and Videographer

Other speakers and facilitators will be added to this list throughout the month of April, as the conference program takes shape. A full preliminary program will be mailed out in early May to everyone on our mailing list, and will also be available on the website.