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Friday, January 30, 2009

New Community Website, January 30, 2009

United States Distance Learning Association launches new community website to generate broader awareness, knowledge and research for distance learning.

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), the recognized worldwide organization of dedicated professionals committed to the distance learning industry, and introNetworks, the premier smart social network company for online communities announced today their partnership in the launch of USDLA's new website (
The USDLA site ( averages 2.6 million hits per month.

The partnership with the foremost social networking company, introNetworks, allows USDLA to take advantage of the value of member networking and mentoring possibilities within its global organization. Members of the distance learning community can seek out others with similar backgrounds, talents, and interests, encouraging career growth and collaboration.
The new site focuses on the importance and impact distance learning has in 21st century education across many market segments including education, healthcare, government, and corporate. It affords distance learning practitioners the opportunity to explore and become involved in an essential part of today's changing society.

New Facts and Quotes of Attribution
"The world of learning is changing. Distance learning is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and the fastest growing segment of the education market. With the guidance and input of USDLA Advisory Committee members, the design and programming excellence of Emantras, and the creative community-building ingenuity of introNetworks, the new site inspires and offers a personal and authentic connectedness and service-oriented call to action for the distance learning industry" notes Julie Young, USDLA President & Chief Executive Officer, Florida Virtual School.

"The focal point of the new website is the introNetworks Social Community which has established an effective learning community with just-in-time learning and resources for USDLA members.
USDLA is now able to maximize informal learning for member development by intelligently matching members to the people and resources they need most" notes Reggie Smith III, Booz Allen Hamilton, USDLA Board Member and Chair, Awards and Public Policy Committees.

"Everyone across a wide variety of markets is witnessing the transformational power distance learning holds. We are truly on the edge of something great and the new website built with introNetworks' guidance and support, provides a comprehensive peak into the crystal ball of distance learning, education and training," says Marci Powell, Global Director-Higher Education and Corporate Training, Polycom, Inc. & Chair, USDLA Board of Directors

"We are thrilled to be at the center of this strategic initiative of the USDLA. Building a connected community has become a prime initiative of this forward thinking organization and their leadership.
Our focus has been to make the USDLA Community visual, easy and smart to help achieve the organizations goals; to have a place to talk about trends, meet peers and discuss challenges with others interested in the many facets of distance learning," says Mark Sylvester, CEO, introNetworks.

Facts about Distance Learning

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) finds that:

  • Schools expect the number of online students to grow to over 2.6 million.
  • 40.7 of schools offering online courses agree that "students are at least as satisfied" with their online courses, 56.2% are neutral and only 3.1% disagree.
  • e-Learning is now estimated to represent about 10% of the overall training and educational market.
  • Online students, especially undergraduates, are more likely to be studying at Associates institutions than are their face-to-face contemporaries.
  • The proportion of institutions with fully online programs rises steadily as institutional size increases, and about two-thirds of the very largest institutions have fully online programs, compared to only about one-sixth of the smallest institutions.
  • Online students, like the overall student body, are overwhelmingly undergraduates.

About introNetworks
Based in Santa Barbara, CA, introNetworks offers smart social networks that are dedicated to helping people identify, and then make meaningful connections to who and what matters to them in their work and interests. Since 2003 the company has successfully deployed over 250 introNetwork Systems across a growing customer base that includes such high profile companies as Adobe, British Airways, Starcom MediaVest, HP, Harvard, Autodesk, Fortune, Xerox, Ziff Davis, and Intel.
These companies have learned that introNetworks' smart social networks are the best way for any organization to deploy a valuable online community that allows all of its members to identify and connect with the people and information that matters to them in business, special interest groups, learning communities or at events.
For more information regarding introNetworks, contact Mark Sylvester ( or visit

The United States Distance Learning Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1987 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. USDLA promotes the development and application of distance learning for education and training and serves the needs of the distance learning community by providing advocacy, information, networking and opportunity. Distance education and training constituencies served include pre-k-12 education, higher and continuing education, home schooling, as well as business, corporate, military, government, and telehealth markets.
For more information regarding USDLA activities, contact Dr. Flores, Executive Director, or visit