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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Create mobile learning, not art for art’s sake by Martin Addison

Smartphones and tablet computers such as the iPad provide a dynamic and innovative way to deliver just-in-time learning content for staff on-the-move.
Martin Addison is CEO of Video Arts,
the video training,
m-learning and e-learning company
"As the balance of training tilts away from the classroom and moves towards 24/7 access to learning assets, the ability to offer bite-sized chunks of practical learning via handheld devices has made mobile learning a very exciting proposition for organisations. However achieving success takes a lot more than simply 'porting' across e-learning content to a smaller screen or dumping text from a website into an app." writes Martin Addison.

Too many people seem to be forgetting that mobile learning - like classrooms and e-learning portals before it - is simply a conduit for effective learning content. Yes, it can provide instant on-the-job support or refresher training at the point of need. For example, for managers who are dreading a difficult appraisal session, nervous about a presentation or who are about to interview a job applicant.
The point is that mobile learning is most effective for short and snappy learning interventions. This means that your content has to be considered with great care.

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Source: HR Magazine