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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inside a 'Bring Your Own Device' program

"The Hanover High School students walked into their environmental science class, sat at the round black tables, and got out their class materials." reports eClassroom News .

The three-ring binders, notebooks, pens, and pencils were placed out of arm’s reach. Instead, the students placed in front of themselves a laptop and a cell phone.

Photo: eClassroom News
Teacher Jason Suter picked up a remote control on his desk. With a couple of clicks, the first question of the day appeared on a Wiffiti board, a board that allows real-time messages to appear on its white screen.

In what has become a popular trend, Hanover High School just began a Bring Your Own Device” pilot program for 2011-12 that allows students to use their laptops, cell phones, and other technology devices in their classrooms under the direction of their teachers.

“We’ve been looking for different ways to get more technology in the hands of more students,” said David Fry, ed-tech coordinator for Pennsylvania’s Hanover Public School District. “It seemed kind of odd that the students had these devices already, and we were purchasing the same things for them to use.”

Source: eClassroom News