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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

50 Essential Homeschool Blogs for Every Grade Level

Carol Brown has been in touch to remind us about this recent published article below.

Homeschooling practices are as diverse as the parents and kids who take part in its tenets. But whether secular or religious, rigidly structured or freeform, motivated by politics or motivated by convenience, the only thing they seem to hold in common is a desire to offer children the best possible education.

Because so many students, moms, dads, and experts have taken to blogging, hitting up some of these sites makes it exceptionally painless to set up a little network and soak up some inspiration. And the following provide a hefty start!

High School

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Why Homeschool:
Although a general homeschooling blog, this one's focus on education philosophy might tantalize high school students wanting to learn more about the whys behind their parents' lesson plans.

Take a closer look at Online Colleges blog

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