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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

STREAM e-Learning course: 2nd module on Research results

Following the Policy module with more than 50 registered participants, the STREAM e-Learning Course, now continues with the 2nd Module focused on Research results.

Through a very practical approach, this online course is addressed to three main categories of actors involved in water technology, research and management issues: policy makers, researchers and technicians/managers/entrepreneurs in companies active in the water sector.

Focus of this module is to give a concise overview and update of research results in the field of reducing water consumption and using water resources in a sustainable way, in order to investigate possible impacts of those research results on the activities of STREAM stakeholders: policy makers, researchers and SMEs.

Research projects are divided in 6 categories/topics in which participants can find updates on research results:

•  Surface Water
•  Ground Water
•  Storm Water
•  Drinking Water
•  Waste Water
•  Marine Water

Registration to the 2nd module of STREAM e-Learning Course on Research project results is now available online. The 2-month module will start mid-February.
Eligible participants are professionals from the water domain and fluent in written English.

To register, please fill the online form at

For further details, please visit the e-Learning Platform section on the STREAM website

Source: Cordis News 

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