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Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 Common Mistakes Online Students Make

Today I have Coleen Torres as guest blogger. Please be sure to check out her unique guest post. Guest posts are always welcome, please contact me.

Coleen Torres writes, Online learning has its advantages and disadvantages. Ask an experienced online learning student and they will tell you that online learning beats classroom learning. Many students starting out online tend to handle the online course as if it were an actual classroom. In online learning you can’t do this, here are common mistakes students make starting out and how you can avoid them.

Wikipedia: Just because you are online more does not mean sites like Wikipedia are your new textbook resource. In actual classrooms Wikipedia isn’t always the best source and online, it holds true. Stick with the textbooks that are assigned, most are now online making it easier on the student.

I’ll do it later: You may get away with this in your actual classroom but in online learning there is no place for procrastination. One of the benefits of online learning is being able to be control of when and how you want to study, do assignments or take tests. It is very easy to get behind in an online course. Set a daily schedule and stick to it.

Not asking for help: Just because your instructor is not standing in front of you doesn’t mean he or she is not available. In fact online learning instructors are probably easier to get in contact with rather than an actual classroom instructor. Most instructors you can contact via email, messenger, Skype, phone and group chats. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your instructor, keep an open line of communication and ask lots of questions.

Skipping lectures: This doesn’t work in an actual classroom and certainly doesn’t work in online learning. Do not skip readings, quizzes or live lectures, this can harm your grade. In fact, skipping online lectures and reading can really put you behind and make learning difficult.

Not interacting with other students: Engage with your peers. They will be your second line of communication if for some reason the instructor is unable to help you at that moment. Group chats or email with several students, interact on the discussions boards. Be courteous and respectful of other students and their comments and opinions.

Stay ahead, use your textbook and when in doubt, ask your instructor. Online learning has many benefits and can help you excel in your education. Happy learning!

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