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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Engaging Video

What do corporate training and entertainment have in common? Both industries spend billions to produce content that will capture our undivided attention and influence our behavior.

Combining the best of both industries may encourage organizational improvement. After all, we are a culture that is captivated by TV and film: Supernanny taught us how to raise our children, CNN helped us decide how to vote, and Star Wars taught us how to use the force.

Utilizing engaging video is an effective way to empower and encourage employees to adopt behaviors or skills that benefit your organization. But what is engaging video?

VictorPrime exclusive excerpt for Training Mag, issue March 2012

VictorPrime exclusive excerpt for Training Mag, issue March 2012 from Victor Prime on Vimeo.

Tips for providing engaging video training within your organization.
  1. Relate. Provide current and culturally relevant content that appeals to your learners. Avoid dated content they would deem irrelevant. This requires assessing the generational gap between your learners.
  2. Resonate. The content should inspire an honest conversation among learners that leaves a lasting impact. The most effective training extends well beyond the initial session and throughout the learner's career.
  3. Reinforce. Sustain your video training with ancillary content and post-assessments. Suggest that learners engage in refresher conversations about the training both online and offline.
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