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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How To Get Your Audience Involved With Pinterest

Hannah Howard has been in touch to remind us about this recent published article below.
Photo: Longhorn Leads
The newest and biggest online craze involves social media, pictures, and pinning. Pinterest is an online vision board that allows users to create their own boards so they are able to pin their favorite finds for inspiration and ideas.
Think of Pinterest as the new way of dog-earing your favorite pages from your favorite recipe book, magazine, or catalogue. It’s no surprise that so many businesses have asked the question, “How can I get Pinterest to work for me?” The best way to use Pinterest for your business is to get your audience involved.

First take a look at both your target audience and Pinterest’s users as a whole. Pinterest users, for the most part, are typically women in their 20’s to mid-40’s. So your goal is to attract that Pinterest population from your audience group. Doing this will single out a certain group, but when it’s done correctly it can, in return, help your business. Your social media manager or the person that typically maintains and updates your Facebook page, blog, and Twitter account is the right person for this job. Your goal is to create a Pinterest page that your audience wants to follow, repin, talk about, and use often; here are ways you can do that:

Source: Longhorn Leads