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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How To Handle Negative Feedback On Your Blog

Hannah Howard has been in touch to remind us about this recent published article below.
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Blogging and social media have changed the ways of marketing for companies because of their ease, outreach and the fact they’re budget friendly. However, with great new marketing ways come new marketing downfalls.

Before blogging and social media were created, if a fan, reader, visitor or customer had a negative comment to make they picked up the telephone, emailed or even wrote a letter. And that’s even if they had the time to do so.

Now disgruntled fans, readers, visitors and customers can rock your world in a matter of seconds with one simple public post on your page. How you handle and react to that negative feedback on your blog is very important because it is now out there for the public to see and can affect your brand negatively or positively.

No one is perfect, and in a world where social media and blogs rule, we are bound to run into a few unhappy people. The only difference in a negative comment or review is that it is public and not private. Handling your negative comment correctly will speak volumes towards your work ethic. When that happens it is important to remember to remain clam, address it quickly, don’t delete it or apologize, take it offline and never take it personally. Good luck and happy blogging!

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