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Sunday, November 18, 2012

eBook: 7 visual tools that will leave your learners wide-eyed

Don’t lose your learners’ attention to distractions.
Dashboards, diagrams and photos breathe life into presentations, making them digestible and engaging. Inside this ebook, find 7 tools for adding visuals to your online training presentations for better engagement.
 "With a bit of creativity and some effective tools, you can keep your audience glued to the screen and attentively listening to your dialogue."

This eBook by Tom Bunzel, author of Tools of Engagement, explores how to use tools like Prezi, diagrams and stock images to make your online training more dynamic and engaging.
Download the eBook to discover:
  • Strategies for mastering PowerPoint
  • How to take control of backchannel chatter
  • Webinar tools that create engagement opportunities
  • And more…
Download (PDF)

About the Author
Tom Bunzel specializes in knowing what presenters need and how to make technology work. He has appeared on Tech TV’s Call for Help and spoken at InfoComm and PowerPoint LIVE. He was a “technology coach” for Iomega, MTA Films, Nurses in Partnership and the Neuroscience Education Institute.

He has taught regularly at Learning Tree International, West LA College Extension and and does presentation and video consulting in Southern California. Among his books was “Master Visually Microsoft Office 2007,” and he wrote a weekly column as the Office Reference Guide for Published in 2006, “Solving the PowerPoint Predicament: Using Digital Media for Effective Communication” is a detailed, project-oriented approach to creating effective multimedia presentations.

His eBook, “Do Your Own Ning Thing: A Step-By-Step Guide to Launching an Effective Social Network,” is available.

“Tools of Engagement: Presenting and Training in a World of Social Media” is now available.

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Bill Brandon, the editor of Learning Solutions recommends this book.

He writes, "Although I thought the first half of Tools of Engagement was a bit uneven both in organization and depth, and the last chapter already in need of updating, this is still a book that I recommend as a possible text for use in an “academic” course for managers, executives, public speakers, and professionals in the marketing and corporate communications worlds. There is enough content that an instructional designer can pretty much find a path through it to whatever objectives there are for a course or a curriculum.
As with any print publication that deals with the Web, the Internet, and Social Media, much of the specific content is liable to become obsolete rather quickly. This means that designers and instructors who use the book will need to keep up-to-date on changes in the online world."

Source: Citrix Online