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Sunday, November 18, 2012

IPad Video Lessons: Review Examines IPad Pete's Video Tutorial Course releases a review of IPad Pete's "IPad Video Lessons" video training course which delivers the IPad training that Apple somehow forgot to include for consumers.

"IPad Video Lessons is a rather remarkable new training course from a man who goes by the moniker of IPad Pete," reports's Tiffany Hendricks. "Pete's program has become extremely popular with IPad customers who upon opening their new IPads were shocked to discover that they don't come with instruction manuals."


Since the IPad's initial release in 2010 is has quickly become a must have technology, having sold over 15 million units and being named by Oprah as her "#1 Favorite Thing”. However, in an attempt to show how "easy to use" IPads are Apple decided not to include instructions on their use.

Hendricks explains the popularity of IPad Pete's training course:

"Obviously, people love IPads, and most tech-savvy folks who have used other Apple products can jump right on to an IPad and get it to do what they want," says Hendricks. "However, IPad Pete realized that there are also a lot of people out there who want comprehensive instructions on how to get more out of their IPads so that they can really dive into all of the features of this amazing technology."

IPad Video Lessons includes over 100 professionally produced videos that are organized in 12 separate learning modules covering every aspect of IPad use from the basics to advanced applications and untapped IPad features few are aware of.

"Many people miss out on the complete IPad experience because they just don't know what these bad boys are capable of," says Hendricks. "IPad Video Lesson is like having a super 'tech geek' buddy right there with you who can explain everything you would ever want to know about your IPad anytime you have a question."

IPad Video Lessons is available digitally online, allowing users to get instant access to the training which they can then consume at their own convenience, learning at their own pace.

Those wishing to purchase IPad Video Lessons, or for more information, click here.

Tiffany Hendricks provides reviews of the best software and digital training programs on her website

Source: PRWeb