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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How to support young learners with tablets

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Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor writes, "Tablets target young learners with engaging software." 

Tablets and other mobile devices are not uncommon in today’s classrooms and in the hands of students. But companies targeting “typical” students sometimes forget an important subset that benefits greatly from access to mobile devices–young learners, especially those in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. 

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While schools often make headlines for tablet initiatives involving grades 3-12, young learners do not always have the same access to tablets. Laptops and desktops can be hard for young students to navigate using a mouse, a touch pad, and dealing with large keyboards.

In March 2013, EnCompass Academy procured 54 VINCI tablets that came pre-loaded with math programming mapped to the school’s existing curriculum. After 12 weeks, teachers reported observing significant changes in their young students’ behavior and learning habits, including a positive change and increase in students’ ability to focus, and offered anecdotal evidence that students understand their math lessons more easily. Teachers also said they were able to differentiate teaching and learning more.

 According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, educators should make sure that when choosing a tablet, they understand:
  • How the tool can meet educational and life goals for their group of young children
  • How the tool functions
  • How to monitor young children’s engagement and progress and how to adjust tasks accordingly
  • How to account for the children’s interests and preferences
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Source: eSchool News