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Saturday, March 22, 2014

American Libraries Learn To Read Teenagers by Linton Weeks

Photo: Linton Weeks
"Way, way back in the 20th century, American teenagers turned to the local public library as a great good place to hang out.", writes Linton Weeks.

It was a hotspot for meeting up, and sharing thoughts with, other like-minded people – in books and in the flesh. It was a wormhole in the universe that gave us tunnels into the past and into the future. It was a quiet spot in an ever-noisier world.

The library was a gentle mentor. It accepted us as we were and let us grow at our own pace – as teens are wont to do. It taught us about sports and sex. About fashion and finance. About life and death.

Nostalgia: Lego librarian with cup of Shhh!
Photo: julochka/Flickr
Now that the Internet is in full flower, you would think that the American Public Library would be a victim of its own success. And in a way it is: Library use is down 
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Source: NPR (blog)

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