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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two ed-tech experts offer tips on how to incorporate apps in more effective ways

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We explore tips for using game-changing apps, as outlined by two top ed-tech enthusiasts." 

Educational apps have skyrocketed in popularity, leading more and more educators to realize that the way they use these apps is key to changing classroom culture and student engagement.

These classroom tools and apps help educators advance teaching and learning, said Brad Waid and Drew Minock, educators who head up 2 Guys and Some iPads.

Photo: eSchool News   
"Learning is different, and teaching is different now," Waid said. "The days of standing up and orating are over. Students can find information on devices—that’s not our job anymore, to give them information. Our job is to help them love learning, collaborate, and be deep thinkers.

Source: eSchool News