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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Online courses offer new approach to learning

Ellie Hudd reports, "With finals coming up and a long year coming to a close, many Uconn students probably feel maxed out on learning right now. However, summer is just around the corner, and our well-deserved free time is imminent. And while perhaps re-engaging in formal learning wasn’t what you had in mind for your time off, the breadth of learning opportunities available may just change your mind." 

Enter the Internet. While the sheer volume of websites in existence has led to symptoms from perpetual distraction to near addictions to acquiring new information, the Internet, when used properly, can provide the opportunity for self-motivated students to expand their knowledge base. Reading the occasional online article is all well and good for keeping up with current events or understanding different opinions on current social issues, but if you’re looking to acquire a thorough, academically valid knowledge base in your area of interest, open courseware is the best route. 

Though these online classes do not offer college credit, many issue certificates of completion. Furthermore, their elective nature and the structure of the sites that host them allows independent, self-directed learning that students can fully engage in without consequence for their wallet or their GPA.
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Source: UConn Daily Campus

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