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Sunday, August 24, 2014

New eBook: Use Lifelong Learning to Your Advantage

It takes just four steps to achieve this win-win situation. 

How to Turn Organizational Learning into a Strategic Advantage

In our new eBook, How to Turn Organizational Learning into a Strategic Advantage,” we take a deep dive into these steps, including examples from companies that have used them successfully to achieve their key business goals.

Here’s a brief look at the four steps:

Step 1: Define Your Organization’s Learning Goals
Whether you need to deliver a three-day training or a three-month course, your goals for a learning program will probably include standardizing learning, creating repeatable content, and sticking to a learning budget.

Step 2: Stare Down Budget Challenges with Your Learning Program
A robust online learning environment immediately lets you eliminate the biggest hits to your budget: travel and hospitality costs.

Step 3: Bridge the Skills Gap
Organizations are facing a baby boom brain drain—people are taking years and years of institutional knowledge with them when they retire. Use an online learning environment to capture that knowledge.

Step 4: Integrate Learning Technologies with Business Software
When you can integrate your new learning platform with existing business applications, you create a powerful environment that’s easy for people to use.
By adopting this kind of robust approach to organizational learning, you can enable your employees to thrive in their careers while investing in your organization’s long-term success.
Professionals of all stripes have embraced online learning, allowing them to open up a world of career development to even the most far-flung employees while helping their companies achieve key business goals.  
Download our free ebook today to learn more about ways your company can turn organizational learning into a strategic advantage.

Source: Blackboard Blog