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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The NMC Academy Launches HP LIFE e-Learning Entrepreneurship Course

The NMC Academy, the New Media Consortium's online learning initiative, has announced a new mini-course, "Teaching Entrepreneurship with HP LIFE e-Learning," developed in partnership with HP. 
HP LIFE e-Learning is a free, cloud-based, peer-reviewed e-learning program that offers online IT and business skills training for entrepreneurs. Part of HP Living Progress, the company's vision for creating a better future for everyone through its actions and innovations, the goals of HP LIFE e-Learning include helping create jobs and stimulating economic growth.

"Through this exciting partnership with HP, our goal is to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in teachers, which we believe will nurture student creativity and entrepreneurial thinking reinforced through technology," said Dr. Holly Ludgate, Director of the NMC Academy. "The NMC is dedicated to providing powerful learning opportunities that enable educators to gain 21st century skills, and HP LIFE e-Learning embodies the innovative, hands-on approaches we want to see reflected in classrooms across the globe."

Facilitated by Dr. Ludgate, "Teaching Entrepreneurship with HP LIFE e-Learning" is self-paced and estimated to take 9-12 hours so that learners can engage with the material around their schedules. The content is organized into four themes, designed to guide them strategically through the HP LIFE e-Learning entrepreneurship lesson development process, moving from the value of the entrepreneurial mindset, to the HP LIFE e-Learning platform and then implementing in the classroom and connecting to a global community.

Theme 1. Learners access resources on how to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and create a learning environment for their students that is creative and agile.

Theme 2. Learners review project-based learning frameworks and are introduced to HP LIFE e-Learning by exploring and completing online modules.

Theme 3. Learners develop real lesson plans and content to integrate HP LIFE e-Learning into their classroom.

Theme 4. Learners explore and participate in global, entrepreneurship-focused communities of practice and complete video reflections.

The NMC Academy mini-course learning environment that guides participants through these themes was built to foster community among the like-minded educators enrolled; peer reviews and discussion forums promote peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of best practices.
"We're delighted to work with the NMC Academy to develop a new mini-course for educators to help them take full advantage of the opportunities offered through open education resources, such as HP LIFE e-Learning," said Jeannette Weisschuh, Director Economic Progress Strategy, HP. "This exciting new mini-course supports our joint aim of providing teachers and students around the world with free access to high-quality business and IT skills training and access to a global community."
The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) has seen first-hand the tremendous impact of HP LIFE in US community colleges and their surrounding ecosystems.
"Entrepreneurship is a 21st century skill that can indeed be taught," said Heather VanSickle, President and CEO, NACCE. "This hands-on mini-course from the NMC Academy showcases some of the great teachings of community college faculty that will help inspire and guide other educators on entrepreneurial thinking and innovative classroom practices."
"Teaching Entrepreneurship with HP LIFE e-Learning" is open for free enrollment for all. 

Enroll now at
(If you have not yet freely joined the NMC Academy, you will need to register first.)

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