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Monday, September 08, 2014

6 eLearning trends for the future

"New tips reveal how to maximize online, blended learning using the technology available" continues eCampus News.

Photo: eCampus News
Online and blended learning, or eLearning, is becoming par-for-the-course in everything from company professional development to campuses across the country. But trying to ascertain how to implement eLearning can be a nightmare, thanks to a glut of information and hard-to-find current studies. 

However, thanks to new, broad data about major trends and design best practices from innovative tech think-tanks and industry veterans, learning how to effectively design and implement eLearning has been broken-down into easily digestible chunks for anyone interested in taking those first eLearning steps.

And though every course, university mission, and class aptitude is different, understanding why online and blended learning has become so popular, and which trends are likely to continue or evolve in the future, is a good way to ensure the vision for eLearning is on the right track.

According to SHIFT’s disruptive eLearning blog, there are six eLearning trends that are critical for implementation now to stay relevant in the future.

“Technology is changing, and will continue to change, the way we communicate with learners, the way we design courses, how we learn and teach,” said SHIFT. Therefore, eLearning has to adapt and find new ways to meet changing times, the blog continues. Simply incorporating different tools to current eLearning strategy isn’t enough, as faculty, IT and curriculum designers must understand and embrace the meaning and the implications of these changes in the eLearning development process. “This is not an easy task because it not only means they have to change what they do, but how they think.”

According to SHIFT, to get from “here” to “there” faculty have to first understand where the “there” actually is. This list represents the “newest and most important “rules” for eLearning today:”

Source: eCampus News

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