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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Online learning ‘advantageous’ for universities

"Online learning offers students of all ages an opportunity to ease back into education or learn a new skill at their own pace and in a manner that fits around other commitments." continues Virtual College.

However, attitudes towards e-learning need to change in order for the UK to fully realise the benefits it can provide.

Every year, the number of students entering into higher education increases, putting strain on universities that struggle to offer every successful applicant a place. Online learning is a solution that enables students to access world-class education  without the need to enter a classroom.

Over the pond, the US has already accepted e-learning as a viable method of teaching courses to students, with figures from the Babson Survey Research Group suggesting 7.1 million higher education students study at least one unit online as part of their degree.

Although the number of full time students is on the rise in the UK, the amount of part-time applicants is actually falling. This could be a consequence of increased tuition fees or it may be that people are finding it hard to attend classes around work or child care schedules. E-learning could be used to boost these numbers, as it offers an unparalleled level of flexibility.

Source: Virtual College