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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What is Personalized Learning? A Free Report Available Online Only

While the level of challenge has never been higher, there has never been a better opportunity to help more students succeed.

In the introduction to The Future of Learning: Personalized, Adaptive, and Competency-Based Tom Vander Ark writes, "We are in the midst of a revolution in K–12 education, represented by the shift to digital, highly personalized learning. Students, educators, parents, and policymakers are finding compelling ways to use multiple modalities and technologies to enrich learning and personalize instruction.

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The use of technology-powered blended learning holds great promise as a cost-effective and egalitarian means to help greater numbers of young people accelerate their learning, graduate, and meet challenges in a competitive world.

The key to making personalized learning work for the greatest number of students is adaptive digital environments and experiences, particularly Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ with its ability to precisely adjust to the individual learner. By recalibrating with every interaction to maintain appropriate challenges, learners stay in their optimal learning zone and are enabled to meet their full learning potential. This exciting advance in education has the potential to be the “equalizer” that provides greater access and opportunity for students in our society, regardless of their backgrounds or zip codes."

In this white paper, you’ll learn:
  • The reason technology is a valuable tool to implement the Common Core 
  • How Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ approximates human levels of coaching for ultimate personalized learning 
  • Why "show what they know" is the best metric for evaluation, not seat-time or birthdate
Download the FREE white paper