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Monday, April 06, 2015

Free eBooks - Effective tactics for integrating social media and people’s engagement with your content.

Learn the five most effective tactics for integrating social media – and increasing your marketing results. 

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Think about how your marketing organization operates today, and ask yourself if any of these statements are true:

1. Our social media team is not involved in our marketing planning.
2. We hire interns and entry-level people to handle our social media.
3. We outsource our social media to an agency.
4. Social media marketing is not currently part of our marketing strategy.
5. We tried social and it didn’t work.

If any of the above statements are true, you may not be taking full advantage of what social media marketing can do for you. If your social media team is siloed, outsourced, or nonexistent, this eBook is for you.

Social media is just another marketing channel. And like all marketing channels, it’s most effective when integrated into a larger cross-channel marketing plan.
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Your social media goal is more than Likes or follows; it’s meaningful interaction. Here are 10 tips to increase people’s engagement with your content.

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The guide covers:
  • Understanding the tone, vocabulary, and style of your social audience
  • Tailoring your messages for different social platforms
  • Knowing what motivates your audience to engage
  • And more great tips!
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