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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses | Magna Publications

Photo: Linda B. Nilson
Take a closer look at this self-paced course led by Linda B. Nilson, PhD.
Theories abound about how critical thinking can be taught, how it can be assessed, which disciplines it is applicable to—even what it is.

"Learn how to formulate critical thinking-related student learning outcomes, design learning activities, and assignments that will help students achieve increasingly advanced outcomes through your course, and assess your students’ critical thinking skills using both objective items and student-created work." writes Magna Publications.
Would it not be helpful if someone could apply critical thinking to the subject itself— weigh the various viewpoints, analyze them, synthesize them, and come up with a nuanced, informed view?
That is exactly what Linda B. Nilson, PhD, has done in the online course Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses. In this content-rich program, Dr. Nilson, founding director of the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation at Clemson University, carefully examines the critical-thinking landscape, reviews the best scholarship, and helps you apply it to your teaching. She provides:
  • A clear, practical definition of critical thinking
  • A review of discipline-relevant critical-thinking skills
  • A framework for creating meaningful learning outcomes
  • Techniques for introducing critical-thinking concepts to students
  • A process for advancing students through the stages of critical thinking
  • Ways to gauge critical thinking using both objective and stimulus-based assessments
Get the tools and insights you need to mold your students into proficient critical thinkers.