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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Read this Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning

Organizations are moving toward online or blended learning at a rapid pace. Why? Because they are seeing the benefits of reduced production and delivery costs. 

If you've been evaluating a move from face-to-face training to online learning, or you're trying to convince your superiors of the benefits, the Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning please, you must read this e-Book.

Download the free eBook now

If you’re thinking about making the move from face-to-face to online learning, but aren’t sure where to start, this guide is for you. It’s packed with useful information designed to help you piece together modern online and blended training for your learners.

Check out the guide to learn:

  • How to turn face-to-face training material into online learning
  • Why a blended learning approach is the most effective
  • How to keep the all important ‘human’ element in your online learning
  • What elearning roles you need to fill in order to make this move a success
Elucidat writes in the eBook, "A recent report by Towards Maturity on people’s learning preferences announced that 70% say that online learning improves job performance and 90% access learning on their mobile devices. Online learning gives audiences more control with its self-paced and readily-accessible content. But audiences also rank collaboration, tutor-led, and social learning highly, which is why blended learning can provide the ultimate solution." 
Download the free eBook now

Source: Elucidat

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