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Thursday, December 29, 2016

What We'll Be Talking About In 2017 | Social Media Insider

Photo: Thom Forbes
"Sources from different social-media arenas give us their takes on what will shape the coming year." notes Thom Forbes, Featured Columnist.

Mobile Messaging As The New OSIf you had told marketers 10 years ago that Facebook and Twitter would become a premium platform to reach consumers, they would have laughed. It might have sounded good in theory, but applying the concept and marketing dollars was more difficult.
As 2017 approaches, the conversation is shifting again. Social media isn’t going away, but more people are talking about expanded functionality in mobile messaging. And when you consider the combined user base of the top four chat apps is larger than that of the top four social networks, it’s easy to understand why. Chat apps have intricate ecosystems with unique APIs and developers... 

The Rise Of Moment-Based AdvertisingIn 2016 we saw every major social platform adopt live video-streaming capabilities. We also saw live video-streaming platforms such as Twitch gain enormous popularity, and new products like Snapchat Spectacles pop up to further enable the technology.
Live video-streaming gives us an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on a moment in time in a consumer’s life. Marketers have been obsessed with real-time interactions for years and have gotten more and more creative with their campaigning, incorporating environmental, social and political factors into strategies — think #OreoEclipse... 

Trends Will Go Mainstream2017 in social media will be about bringing the emerging trends from the past couple of years more mainstream. VR and expiring content (a la Snapchat and Instagram Stories) certainly isn’t new news for a social- and trend-savvy crowd, but they will be a newly discovered trend among a diverse and mainstream audience. 

Source: MediaPost Communications