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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Project Initiation Checklist for Rapid E-learning

Here is a link to a report with a checklist of things to consider at the beginning a rapid elearning project.

If you are starting a rapid e-learning project, you will accelerate your progress by ensuring the key elements are in place to get going.

Doing so will save valuable time down the line rectifying unresolved issues or help prevent unnecessary development or time spent on tangential activities.

This free short insight report from Kineo, leaders in rapid e-learning, explains

  • Differences between rapid e-learning and standard e-learning project definition
  • The key actions you need to take to initiate your rapid e-learning project
It includes a checklist of key project initiation tasks that you can use as a baseline, adding specifics relevant to your organisation.

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Source: Kineo