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Friday, February 06, 2009

eSchool News Online

Here's what's new on eSchool News site today.

CyberSmart! offers K-12 schools a research-based curriculum to help prevent cyber harassment
By Meris Stansbury

As cyber bullying becomes more prevalent among students, educators are looking for help in teaching their students about appropriate online behavior. To meet this need, New Jersey-based CyberSmart! Education has released a free, research-based cyber bullying curriculum for K-12 schools.
Developed using best practices from the fields of cyber security, school violence prevention, and character education, the CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Package doesn't rely on fear tactics that have been proven not to work, its creators say.
Instead, it focuses on developing critical thinking and decision-making skills, guiding students to define the problems and issues themselves and take ownership of them to effect real change. "Without this ownership, no behavioral change can occur," CyberSmart! says.


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TCEA panel says Web 2.0 marks a complete shift from the old models of instruction ... and schools need to shift accordingly
By Dennis Pierce

In Web 2.0 technologies, schools finally have the optimum tools for learning, said speakers at the 29th annual Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference in Austin Feb. 5--but educators must learn to change their approach to instruction to take full advantage of these tools.
In a spirited panel discussion of Web 2.0 technologies and their role in schools, Jim Bower, CEO of the student-focused virtual world Whyville, explained the difference between first-generation online tools and the new tools of today--and why Web 2.0 holds so much promise for education.


Source: eSchool News