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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Article in The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning (EURODL)

Please be sure to check out this paper, appears in the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning.
Date of publishing 09.02.2009.

On-Line Course Curricula and Interactional Strategies: The Foundations and Extensions to Adult e-Learning Communities
By Dr. Christopher Chaves

The purpose of this article is to provide researchers and, in particular, practitioner-scholars of e-learning curricular designs and instructors with one conceptual model that supports more involvement and interaction within on-line courses.

The On-line Curriculum Interaction Model posited by the author is informed by the foundational philosophical, theoretical, research-based results, and professional experience (i.e., Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege) about on-line learning and interactional strategies designed to create community and better transfer of learning among adult learners.
Specifically, four levels of interaction stages are explored to describe ascending levels of interaction including initial course content (academic) involvement, student-peer interaction, and instructor-student interaction within various on-line learning community e-contexts, for workplace application.

Source: The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning (EURODL)