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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Online Learning versus Conventional Learning

Are our children getting better education outcomes by using online technologies?

As a parent of school aged children I have reoccurring conversations with my partner about whether online learning gives our children positive learning outcomes relative to learning from conventional methods.
More over, are our children being disadvantaged by the distraction of learning from digital or online technologies?

In research provided by University of Technology Vienna, “Hypermedia in Education - Monitoring the Development of Hypermedia Documents” naïve internet users found reading online difficult due to the disruptive nature of clicking on too many hypertext links. Studies in 1989 and 1990 showed readers navigated aimlessly around text that was peppered with hypertext links and could not remember what they had and had not previously read.

On a more positive note research published in Nature 2003 shows, children who use computers have, improved hand eye co-ordination, improved processing of visual cues, reflex responses and strengthened cognitive skills.