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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Training Doctor Announces Free eLearning Module on Blended Learning

Have you ever wondered what the term "blended learning" really means?
Is it that different from what we've always done?
Experts say it creates a better, more sustained, learning outcome, but why?
If you're curious take this free 30 minute eLearning course on Blended Learning below.

The Training Doctor, LLC, an instructional design firm with over 20 years of experience designing customized training programs for Fortune 500 companies, provides a free 30-minute downloadable eLearning primer on blended learning from its website.
The primer discusses not only the various learning elements of a blended design, but also the importance of document and graphic design to achieving learning outcomes.
Presented in a humorous way, with a "brainiac dog" as your guide, the eLearning module can be downloaded and revisited again and again.

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To access the lesson, visit:

Source: 24-7 Press Release and The Training Doctor, LLC