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Monday, June 01, 2015

As the demand for e-learning grows, can training organisations afford to share free of charge?

Photo: Carolyn Lewis
"In the fast moving world of technology the opportunities for knowledge and skill development are exciting, but sometimes daunting. However, not venturing into this brave new world is a mistake!" reports Carolyn Lewis, Managing Director of eLearning Marketplace.


For those organisations who have already taken the step to source and offer online training, doors have opened to opportunities that have previously been denied to them. No longer do training organisations and learning development managers have to face the traditional challenges of location, cost and lack of flexibility of training. What is surprising however is that many are yet to realise just how profitable this now well established delivery model can be.

With further education colleges being asked to improve their sustainability by becoming more commercial, and businesses driving cost efficiencies it would seem a natural move to embrace training that is cost effective and can lead to new revenue streams.

It’s not surprising, with some predictions saying that e-learning is set to grow to £19 billion by 2015, that large numbers of e-learning authoring companies are springing up, offering bespoke and off the shelf e-learning to meet business needs.

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