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Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Tips to Train Your Employees through e-Learning | Andrea Bell

My guest blogger today is Andrea Bell. Please be sure to check out her unique guest post. Guest posts are always welcome, please contact me.

5 Tips to Train Your Employees through e-Learning 

The cyber world has taken down the traditional learning method as more and more people are turning towards e-learning. Not only it is easily accessible and easy to navigate, but it also comes without charges, which makes it super cost-effective. Whether you want to train your pet, learn a new language, or teach your kids some technical deal - everything you want to learn is just few clicks away.

Considering the never-ending benefits of e-learning, companies around the world are adding corporate training courses for their staff in order to develop efficiently among the clutter of their competitors. But delivering courses to your employees isn’t the main deal. The real problem comes when you fail to motivate your employees to learn from an online course.

In this article, we will enlighten you with some tips that can surely help in training your employees through e-learning.
  • Highlight the Benefits
Employees get apathetic to learn anything unless they know there is something that will help them as a whole in future. In order to make your employees interested in something, you have to highlight all the benefits they are personally going to get. Emphasize on “what’s in it for you” part while you discuss training program and syllabus. But reminding them about all the perks they are going to get and how the information will be applied throughout the training session is also imperative to keep their interest alive.

Other ways through motivate employees is by integrate simulations, e-learning circumstances where they can use their knowledge and role play activities. So that when they are done learning, they know where to rightly use their skills.
  • Link the Learning to their Career pathways
Employees are less interested into learning something when they know it is only going to profit their organization. According to some recent survey, more than 70% employees think that the chances to grow in their own organization are not available to them. Adopt a communication trend inside your company by sending out emails regarding the learning program, how you and your employees as a team will learn it, and how you will be able to solve problems in future. Specifically highlight the benefits of their skill development in order to keep them hooked.
  • Be Flexible
Online learning means you can get access to the course whenever you want, wherever you want. By keeping this in mind, be flexible and let your employees decide when they are going to get their sessions. Your job is to keep an eye on the progress. Therefore, set goals and let your workers decide when and how they are going to do their parts. Flexible environment will definitely get the pressure off of their shoulders and they can learn while traveling, on their tablets and even mobile phones.
  • Use Creative Devices
Even motivated employees could get bored if the training medium is dull and boring course. In order to avoid that, look for a training program that is effective and engaging. Online courses are available these days with multiple formats that include videos, graphics narratives, postcodes, etc. Gaming mechanics in e-learning, also known as gamification is another innovative way introduced in the cyber world to arouse interest and healthy competition among the learners. These various mediums will surely keep up the interest in employees and get the best results out of them.
  • Offer incentives or Rewards
Probably one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated and train them well is by setting up incentive programs or rewards. It is a well-known fact – a person is motivated when he knows there is light down the tunnel. In order to make your employees learn effectively and pass all their assessments with good marks, you should set incentive programs in which they will either earn some money or gain some points at the end of the day. Also, keep them praising for their good work – an extra pat at the back can do wonders at times.

About the Author:
I am a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. I write about tech education and health related issues (but not at the same time). Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover. Active member of community.

Find me on twitter @IM_AndreaBell

Many thanks to Andrea Bell.
Enjoy your reading!  

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