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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Practical guidelines for evaluating online faculty | Faculty Focus

"The online teaching environment is markedly different from that of traditional classrooms. This affects the way that courses are taught—and, just as important, the way that teachers are evaluated." writes Faculty Focus

But what do you look for when judging performance? How can you make informed judgments that fulfill formative and summative requirements? Where, when, and how much do you observe?
For administrators looking to improve their assessment techniques of online faculty, the answers can be found in How to Evaluate Online Teaching, the Just-in-Time Learning program from Magna Publications.
Photo: Tom Tobin, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas J. Tobin of Northeastern Illinois University conducts this engaging group learning activity. The presentation is broken up into five short video lectures supplemented with worksheets that reinforce the viewer's understanding, and a facilitator's guide for leading a group discussion.
You will explore the factors to consider in an online evaluation, the scope of the observation, the elements that contribute to student learning, and effective online teaching behaviors that can be measured. Dr. Tobin will reveal the key differences between online and face-to-face classroom teaching, and discuss ways that fairly and accurately evaluate teaching practices. You'll learn how to:
  • Identify and use specific techniques for evaluating online teaching
  • Gather different kinds of feedback to improve online teaching
  • Apply evaluation findings for both improving teaching and making employment decisions
  • Find and use observation methods and evaluation instruments appropriate to online teaching
A respected, proven evaluation process is essential for recruiting and retaining qualified educators for your school. After working through the videos and worksheets of How to Evaluate Online Teaching, you'll be equipped to:
  • Establish practical guidelines for observing online teaching
  • Measure teaching behaviors unique to online teaching
  • Maintain a vibrant, respected online teaching community
  • Make key promotion and employment decisions
Source: Faculty Focus