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Monday, July 18, 2016

An eBook by Trivantis - eLearning 101: A Practical Guide | Trivantis

Welcome to the wonderful world of eLearning—a place where you can create and deliver exciting and helpful instructional content, and then implement it online.
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Inside this eBook, you'll find a complete guide to the foundations of eLearning development. Get the scoop on instructional design methods and go behind the scenes of eLearning development—from phase one to completion. This eBook is your info-packed resource to all things eLearning. 

 What’s inside the new eBook?
  • The history of eLearning
  • An overview of common Instructional Design methods
  • Behind the scenes of eLearning development, from phase 1 to completion
  • Graphic design tips and more
Trivantis writes, "What Is eLearning?"
eLearning is learning that happens on an electronic device. It also refers to the practice of creating a learning activity using a tool capable of web distribution to be placed into an online repository. But that leaves the following questions:
  1. What type of electronic device?
  2. What is an online repository?
  3. What is a learning activity?
  4. Which tools are capable of web distribution?

Download the free eBook now 

Source: Trivantis 

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