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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design - Overview and Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design | CommLab India

"You identify a performance gap in your department and decide to go ahead with a training program." notes CommLab India.

But the details bog you down; trying to wade through the piles of content you have, coupled with insufficient clarity on what to include in the training, you lose sight of what you want your learners to achieve after the training.

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How can you escape this predicament and design training programs that support expected learner outcomes, cover essential content, test learners on their expected performance, and fit in your training budget? 

Get your copy today to know more about:
  • What are learning objectives?
  • What is Bloom’s taxonomy and how it helps set performance-based learning objectives?
  • How do learning objectives help select the content, duration, cost, and more of training programs?
  • What is the process to frame learning objectives?
Download the eBook now
Download the eBook, part 2 now

There's more in store in part 2 of the eBook. Get your copy of our eBook now. It is loaded with:
  • Tips to frame effective learning objectives
  • Pointers on the pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Creative ideas to present learning objectives
Download the eBook, part 2 now

Source: CommLab India 

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