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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

eBook: Mobile Learning for Performance Support | CommLab India

The eBook titled, Mobile Learning for Performance Support from CommLab India will help you understand what performance support is and how mobile learning can be an effective tool to deliver and raise the performance of your employees.

Photo: CommLab India

The eBook will provide insights into:
  • Performance support
  • Mobile learning
  • How mobile learning can deliver performance support
  • Best practices for creating mobile learning nuggets for performance support
  • Some smart performance support techniques
  • Drawbacks to keep in mind
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CommLab India writes in the conclusion, "It’s clear that mobile learning can be a very effective performance support tool; but why aren’t we seeing it used everywhere that it can be used? The answer to this is clear: there is a misconception that full-fledged mobile learning and performance support are the same thing.
The fact is, a full-fledged mobile learning course is not performance support. Performance support is not training. It’s reinforcement, practice, and stimulation of one’s memory of what has already been learned in the past. Once this misconception is dispelled in the minds of trainers, it will be easy to understand, create, and deliver mobile learning support for performance.

We hope this eBook helps you in your endeavor to incorporate better performance support through mobiles, in your organization.
Download the eBook now! 

Source: CommLab India